Cory Barlog’s Next Game Will Be Bigger “Magnum Opus” Than God of War (PS4)

Hangar 18 map screenshot

God of War: Ascension screen 3

Yesterday, we broke a news that Sony Santa Monica Studio has started work on their next unannounced project for PlayStation 4. This information was leaked via Linkedin Profile of Koray Hagen, Senior Software Engineer at Santa Monica Studio. Today, we received an interesting update from Duncan Jones, Director of Moon, Source Code, and Warcraft, who recently had a chat with God of War (PS4) Director Cory Barlog,

Cory Barlog New Game Will Be Bigger Magnum Opus Than God of War

While sharing his meeting details with Cory Barlog, Duncan stated (on Twitter), “So why was I meeting with Cory? Well, first, I am a fan… and 2ndly, I wanted an honest take on a certain script, from an artist who I thin,k has an incredibly strong skill for storytelling.”

The next statement from Duncan was an interesting one as it was directed towards the next project that Cory Barlog is working on.

“On a positive note, @corybarlog turns out to be as sweet, thoughtful & intelligent as I’d grown to think he is from our online interactions. And if you think that God of War is his magnum opus, just you wait! “

We have no details whatsoever regarding the next Projekt of Cory Barlog – it could be either the next God of War or the new ambitious IP that he has talked about in only select few interviews. Whatever it is – just expect it to be bigger and better the God of War (PS4).

I just hope that whenever the next God of War game is made, Sony retains Cory Barlog as the Game Director. We have already seen in the past that switching directors between the God of War games (just take the case of God of War II and God of War III) have resulted in a disjointed story.

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