Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update Turns Gang Encounters Into A Horror Game

It seems like the players aren’t the only ones getting a buff. The gangs of Night City are looking to tear everything up as well.

Image via CD Projekt Red

We’ve all had the moment in-game where we outsmart the AI while casually picking them off one by one as the game tries to figure out what’s happening. In many different titles, we, the players, are often smart enough to figure out the AI script limitations and holes that can be manipulated for our gain. This has been the case for Cyberpunk 2077 for a while now, and the game’s infamous clueless enemies are looking to change that narrative.

Recently, players were treated to a brand new response when antagonizing some of the local gangs in the nearby neighborhood. This comes off the heels of the recently dispatched 2.0 patch, which is set to get players ready for the upcoming Phantom Liberty DLC. With this patch, we are discovering, or better yet, re-discovering, different ways to engage with the game’s world, and that includes the citizens of Night City. With that being said, it seems like we weren’t the only ones to receive an upgrade.

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Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Gives Gangs A Terrifying Upgrade

Just when players thought that they had the matrix figured out, CD Projekt Red left a few surprises for some who were looking forward to bullying the local gangs in Cyberpunk 2077. According to a post on Reddit, a few users have shared that they ran into a bit of trouble with a particular group of enemies when they tried to test out their new abilities on them.

They shared a video of some Maelstrom gangers moving at breakneck speeds after launching a well-placed grenade at their location. While they were able to get two of them, the third one rushed immediately toward the player, avoiding the explosion completely.
Via Reddit

A few commenters noted the stark differences between the new and old AI responses, with one user comparing this new phenomenon with a time dilation mod that uses the same effect. Most of the other responses were pretty positive, with players hoping for a general change similar to this for other enemies. If Dogtown is anything like what was shared here, then players are going to need to take advantage of these next few days in anticipation of what’s to come.

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We’re hoping this trend sticks around for future developments for the title. This is the type of difficulty fans were hoping for when the game was originally announced. There’s no shortage of gamers looking for impossible challenges alongside hard-hitting, smart, and adaptive AI. Hopefully, they don’t go full Fromsoft on us and make the game difficulty too rage-inducing.