Cyberpunk 2077 Player Living In The Future With Ridiculous PC Setup

Multiple monitors and a driving setup have made for a elaborate setup for one Cyberpunk 2077 player.

Image via CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 recently received its 2.0 update, and with it came many changes and overhauls that dramatically improved the game, and fans have been eager to jump back in and experience the game with all its improvements.

One player has taken their setup to an extreme to enjoy the game, specifically, its driving, and fans are both amazed and unsure about it.

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Players Three Monitor Set Up Is Both Cool and Unpractical

Image via CDProjektRed

Reddit user u/NaabSimRacer shared their setup on the Cyberpunk subreddit. It features a three-monitor setup, perfectly lined up and surrounding the player’s view, with a steering wheel controller for their driving. Given their video of the game shows them in a car, and from other posts they have made, they are a fan of getting behind the wheel, so to speak, but as cool as the setup is, it also looks like a bit of a nightmare to play with.

Other users commenting on the post have pointed this out, with one of the top comments being how the setup is “overkill” and that to see the minimap, the player would need to turn their head a full 90 degrees to see it. On the flip side, others love the setup, the player’s dedication to the game, and getting the best experience. Among all that, many players have taken to discussing the game driving as a whole, as its improvements and issues following the recent 2.0 update, which saw the game get a huge overhaul in nearly every aspect of gameplay.

With the recent release of the 2.0 update and the Phantom Liberty expansion, the game has seen a resurgence of players and a pretty positive reception, with many seeing this as the way the game should have been at release, or at least close to that goal.

With the last major patch out and the expansion available for players, those who never played the game or were burnt by its less-than-stellar release have the perfect excuse to come back and try the game. Although I doubt many will be using a setup quite as extreme as this one.