DDV’s The Pumpkin King Returns Update Drops Multiplayer Feature and Frosty Decor

Stepping into the realm of full release, DDV brings a new character, multiplayer mode and brand new features.

Disney Dreamlight Valley release free update

Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The much anticipated Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Pumpkin King Returns update — which should have been Pumpking for short — marks the end of early access. The game’s new era promises content that brings the magic of the holidays right to your fingertips. 

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As Disney Dreamlight Valley releases its full version, the game’s new expansion, A Rift in Time, will also hit our stores. However, just because there’s paid content up for grabs doesn’t mean Disney Dreamlight Valley has forgotten to work on and roll out free updates for its player base.

DDV: What’s New in The Pumpkin King Returns Free Update

Disney Dreamlight Valley December update
Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s December 2023 update:

  • Jack Skellington joins the Valley
  • A multiplayer feature has been added
  • New winter decor and outfits
  • Power to control who lives in the Valley
  • Bugs and visual enhancements

Jack Skellington, the Master of Fright himself, will set foot into your village with a bag full of quests and exclusive items inspired by Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, this is just the tip of the Christmas tree, as many new and exciting features are underneath it.

Jack Skellington won’t be the only one you’ll be hanging out with. Multiplayer mode will be officially launched on December 5. For the first time ever in DDV, you’ll visit your friends’ Valleys and be able to trade items and Pixel Shards.

You’ll also get to transform your Valley into a winter wonderland, bedecked with the Royal Winter Star Path and featuring iconic wintery styles for characters like Belle and Ariel. Limited-time optional items in the Premium Shop will also be adorned with holiday cheer. To wrap the holidays up, Disney Dreamlight Valley celebrates a Holiday Event with gifts and wrapping paper scattered all over the Valley.

Say farewell to unwanted guests with a feature that’s my new favorite: quickly adding or kicking out Villagers via the map menu. As announced on Disney Dreamlight Valley’s official website, a new feature will hit the game tomorrow, letting you control who roams the Valley with exceptional appearances for quests only. Goodbye, Ursula. I’ve been terrified of you since I was six; I don’t need you taking up space in my Disney dreamland. 

On top of this, the update brings a few visual enhancements and fixes for a couple of bugs. These things may not be as flashing as new Christmas sweaters or a brand-new character. Still, they definitely make the DDV experience run much more smoothly.

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With this update, Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces captivating new features. It ensures a smoother and more visually cohesive experience for all players.