Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch 7.2.3 Turns the Lights Back on for Alongside Flashlight Perks

The latest bugfix for Dead by Daylight sees Flashlights turned back on for the first time since their game-breaking exploit was discovered.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive has today released Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch 7.2.3. Usually, these bugfixes don’t change too much in the game because they’re meant for small, ad-hoc changes for things that might break a player’s experience. However, today’s patch is slightly more potent.

Bugfix Patch 7.2.3 brings Flashlights and their associated Perks back to Dead by Daylight, meaning those players who have been lost without them can finally start to play normally again. Flashlights were removed because a massive exploit that used them was exposed, but it seems as though the developer has fixed that now.

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Flashlights Are Back With Dead by Daylight Bugfix Patch 7.2.3

Screenshot by Gamepur

Last week, Behaviour Interactive removed Flashlights from Dead by Daylight due to a game-breaking exploit they could be used for. The exploit allowed Survivors to use the Flashlight to clip inside of lockers and hide from Killers. This ruins the core experience, which is why the item, as well as the Perks that allowed Survivors to pick them up in a Trial, were hit with the Killswitch.

Dead by Daylight Bugfix 7.2.3 adds Flashlights and the linked Perks, Dramaturgy, Appraisal, and Residual Manifest, back to the game because the locker exploit they were used for has been patched out. The only other thing this bugfix does is add a missing animation for Survivors placing Blast Mine or Wiretap on traps on generators. Previously, those missing animations would’ve made the Survivor invisible and impossible for Killers to hit.

In one of the various threads on the bugix on the Dead by Daylight Subreddit, players are already celebrating. “Who gives a shit about flashlights. Dramaturgy is back!!!!!!” They’re also already dreading the inevitable surge of Flashlight users now they’re back. “I feel because flashlights have been gone so long everyones gonna running em.”

From what we’ve seen, players are more excited about the return of Dramaturgy, one of the Perks Nicholas Cage added to the game, than Flashlights. “Finally, I can run Dramaturgy again! All hail the gamba!” This speaks to how much players love a little randomization in every Trial, adding to the excitement of every match.