Dead by Daylight Player Gets Mori’d in a Void Rift, and it’s the Most Intense This Game Has Ever Been

Thanks to a timely Mori during Dead by Daylight’s Haunted by Daylight event, players have seen the best kill in the game.


Image via Twitter

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game where one Killer hunts four Survivors as they try to escape by preparing generators to power the exit. Due to the game’s online nature, it’s open for some incredibly dynamic gameplay that can scare, impress, and amaze players.

Today, though, thanks to the Haunted by Daylight event that’s currently live, one player witnessed the most amazing culmination of perfect timing that we’ve ever seen in the game. Somehow, they managed to get Mori’d while in the Void Rift that transports players between worlds.

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Well-Timed Mori Makes for the Most Amazing Kill cutscene in Dead by Daylight

The amazing Mori was posted online by content creator @LilyGoatDemon. They are the Survivor and were Mori’d at just the right moment by a player in the role of The Artist Killer. The Mori was timed so that The Artist looks like it’s grabbing the Survivor from the overworld by reaching into the Void through the Rift.

To understand exactly how impressive this scene is, some details are needed. The swirling vortex The Artist grabs the Survivor from is a portal from the main map for this Dead by Daylight Trial to an area called the Void, which is part of the Haunted by Daylight event. This is where Survivors can recruit Haunts to help them stun the Killer.

To get through to the Void, players need to interact with the portal for a few seconds, regardless of whether they’re Killers or Survivors. So this scene we now see was most likely caused by a Survivor just getting into the Void as the Killer came through and hit them with a Mori.

What makes this moment even more incredible is The Artist’s Mori. This is a move that kills a downed Survivor, but the way the cutscene plays out based on the Killer’s position just makes for something close to exact cinematography.

Sometimes, Survivors like to try to use a Killer’s Mori as an opportunity to run around them while they’re unable to kill them. The best example we’ve seen is a photobomber taunting The Ghostface. This definitely isn’t a wise move, though, and we suspect the Survivor in the Void was the last on the map at the time they were caught.

We love that the scene ends with The Artist hidden in the Rift. It makes it look like she popped in to kill the Survivor and returned to the map to hunt down more of them. It shows that while the Void is a place Survivors can go to seek assistance, it’s also open to Killers and isn’t a great location to hide from hunters towards the end of a Trial.