Dead Space Remake is officially aiming for an early 2023 release window

Board the USG Ishimura again early next year.

Image via EA

Dead Space Remake is officially coming out next year according to the Dead Space Twitter account. The post shares the release window of early 2023 alongside the floating ship the USG Ishimura where protagonist Isaac Clarke’s adventure awaits.

The release window announcement comes shortly after a report yesterday revealed that the team at Motive was internally aiming for an October release this year at first but decided to push it back to early 2023. According to VentureBeat, the game “continues to impress people internally, and the goal is to have a Dead Space remake that matches Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake in terms of quality.

Dead Space Remake was first announced at Electronic Arts’ EA Play presentation back in the summer of last year. The remake is being developed by Motive Studios, which previously worked on Star Wars Squadrons and supported DICE with Star Wars Battlefront II. The original trilogy was developed by Visceral Games, which EA unfortunately shut down back in 2017, canceling the Star Wars project that was being spearheaded by Uncharted 2 and 3 director Amy Hennig.

The Dead Space Remake is set to release on the Xbox Series consoles, PlayStation 5, and PC.