Where is The Traveler in Destiny 2?

The Traveler is awake.

Image via Bungie

The Traveler is the main power source of The Light in Destiny 2, and empowers Guardians in the game. It grants the ability to use various powers and is why your character can resurrect over and over against the power of a Ghost. It’s primarily been within the borders of The Last City throughout Destiny 2, but some players have been posting its absence from its usual location. Here’s what you need to know about the Traveler’s location in Destiny 2.

What happened to The Traveler in Destiny 2

Following the conclusion of the Final Dawn mission, The Traveler began to float away from The Last City and ascended into the atmosphere. This was in response to Eramis starting the countdown attack from the Warsats she took control of before Rasputin destroyed them after they sacrificed themselves to save The Traveler. After the Warsats were destroyed, The Traveler continued to float there and remains away from The Last City.

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The reason The Traveler originally moved was that the Warsats presented it with a threat and were likely going to destroy it. Eramis had done this to prevent The Light from leaving another civilization, on behalf of The Witness, who is en route to continue its way against The Light, and the Guardians, alongside Emperor Calus.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Although we cannot see it, The Traveler is still close to the same spot, but it’s far up in the atmosphere now, and it is not in its usual spot. We imagine it will remain about The Last City, and everyone should see it when the Lightfall expansion arrives on February 28. If you complete Final Dawn before this point, The Traveler will already have moved.