Destiny 2 Pinnacle Reward Increase Goes Live Tomorrow

Destiny 2

The climb from Power Level 950 to 960 in Destiny 2 is about to get a little easier to manage. Since the launch of Shadowkeep, getting those last 10 precious levels has been an exceedingly slow climb, with each Pinnacle reward dropping only a +1 Power increase. With its next update, however, Bungie is ramping up the amount of Power that each Pinnacle reward grants.

Starting Nov. 7, all Pinnacle rewards will grant +2 Power rather than the +1 they currently offer. That means that if you’re currently waiting to cash in Pinnacle rewards, it’s a good idea to wait a little longer, turning them in Thursday for double the reward. With Iron Banner now live, you’ll have even more chances to earn those Pinnacle rewards, giving you even more chances to boost your Power Level.

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Bungie’s most recent patch notes explain the team’s reasoning for the initially slow progress granted by Pinnacle rewards. According to the developer, Pinnacle rewards were meant as “an aspirational progression that reflects participation in some of the more difficult and time-limited content of Destiny 2.” The goal was to offer a slower power progression without locking away any content. However, as Bungie explained, the chance of getting duplicate drops as Pinnacle drops made progress even slower than intended, since higher Power Level items needed to be equipped in all slots to get a Power boost from them. With the changes coming tomorrow, players will only need Pinnacle rewards in four slots to increase their Power Level.

Hotfix, which will include the changes to Pinnacle rewards, should go live tomorrow at 9am, the same time as weekly resets. That gives you one more day to finish up Iron Banner bounties and get any other Pinnacle content done so you can be ready to hand in it once the reward increase is in place.