Destiny 2 players are debating over which legacy raid will be returning in year 5

Will it be the King or his son?

Image via Bungie

With the introduction of the Destiny Content Vault came not only the removal of destinations, activities, and quests, but the availability of older content from Destiny 1. While content from the original game is always appreciated, players usually look towards the big activity: raids. With the removal of five raids in Beyond Light, players were worried about the amount of end-game raid content that would remain in the game. It seems to be happening again, as Bungie announced more content will be heading into the DCV.

It isn’t all bad though, as no currently available raids will be vaulted. Bungie mentioned that these vaultings are made to make room for additional new and reprised content—which usually includes raids. This past year we saw the return of the fan-favorite Vault of Glass, and we know that we are getting another reprised raid this year. With that, players are beginning to make assumptions about which raid could be returning, and a certain two seem to be leading the competition.

Crota’s End and King’s Fall seem to be the most likely choices for a returning raid. While Wrath of the Machine could see its return, it’s doubtful seeing as we already have the Outbreak Perfected within the game. Crota’s end could see its triumphant return, but we have already seen Crota related missions within Destiny 2, and some players argue the length and difficulty of the raid wouldn’t fit well into the current raid lineup. That just leaves one, King’s Fall, the raid most players want to see come back. It would certainly make sense seeing as we are fighting Oryx’s sister, Savathûn, in the upcoming Witch Queen expansion. Whichever raid returns, we will definitely see some slight mechanic changes as we did with Vault of Glass this year, so remember to brush up on your mechanics.