Destiny 2’s Fireteam Finder Is Finally Getting An Open Beta

The highly requested fireteam finder will be getting a stress test this month , followed by a beta before its full release next year.


Image via Bungie

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After years of fans waiting (and begging), Bungie is finally releasing a Fireteam Finder for the MMO shooter. To help prepare it for The Final Shape, the developers are inviting the community to help test and refine the feature before its planned release in January 2024.

For many fans, this is a feature they have been asking for for years as a way to make finding Fireteams for content like Raids and Nightfalls smoother. Many other MMOs have features such as this, and it has been a long time coming for Destiny players. Now after its initial announcements during the Destiny 2 Showcase, we finally have some more details on how and when this feature will be in the hands of players.

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Fireteam Finder To Launch In Early January Before The Final Shape Expansion

Image via Bungie

In a blog post from Bungie, the developer provided an update on the much-requested feature, with details on how they will be opening up a beta for all players to allow for stress testing and to help get the feature launch ready at a faster pace.

It details the multiple stages of the testing, starting with a Raid stress test on November 30, from 9 AM to 5 PM PST, which will let players use the feature for any raid they have. That said, they did make clear that they may need to end the test early due to “countless scenarios” that could affect it, or as they put it, “be nimble.”

Image via Bungie

Beyond that, they plan to begin a beta period in December, depending on the results of the stress test, with updates to UI and the feature coming along with it as time goes on. Finally, they hope to launch the Fireteam Finder fully sometime in January. Players can find and use the feature during its stress test in the Director using the Roster tab or on every activity launch screen, with the option to join or create a listing.

In addition, the developers revealed an out-of-game version in the works to replace the current system on the Destiny 2 website and companion app. However, this won’t be available during the test period.

Elsewhere in Destiny 2, we have the upcoming launch of the Season of the Wish on November 28, bringing a new battle pass, updates, tweaks to the game, and some Witcher-themed cosmetics.