Destiny’s Season of the Chosen trailer brings back the Cabal

The wait is over.

Destiny 2

The Cabal forces haven’t been a major threat in Destiny 2 since Guardians everywhere slapped some sense into Ghaul after he launched an assault on the Last City back when Destiny 2 was first released. In the upcoming Season of the Chosen, it seems the Cabal will be trying to leverage the rising Darkness and a turbulent Hive to ally with the Guardians.

Empress Caiatl is now leading the Cabal, and when she demands that Zavala bow to her in order begin their alliance, he refuses. Being Cabal, this means it’s time to fight, and the forces of Caiatl can now be added to the long list of things you will be shooting in Destiny 2.

The Season of the Chosen will introduce a new Strike where players need to breach a moving fortress that appears to be the home and command center of Caiatl. A new Exotic Bow is also on the way, the Ticuu’s Divination, that can shoot up to three arrows at once in a widespread attack.

A classic Strike returns to the Cosmodrome, and it appears that Guardians will once again need to take on the might of the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. and the Devil’s Lair. The trailer also teases a “battleground activity” where you will need to take on Cabal Champions. Interestingly, this seems to take place on the Asterios Abyss on Europa, or at least the small portion shown in the trailer does.

The trailer appears to have gone live on the Xbox Youtube Channel a little early, as there are no details from Bungie about any of this. We expect Bungie to release information shortly to give us all further details on what exactly we will be doing during the Season of the Chosen.

If you want to stay up to date, we are keeping a regularly updated list of confirmed changes, rumors, and leaks about the Season of the Chosen that will fill you in on all the major things you need to know. Season of the Chosen will begin on February 9 and runs until May 11.