Diablo Immortal Fan Backlash “Totally Understandable”, Says Blizzard

At the time of writing, Diablo Immortal cinematic trailer has over 390,000 dislikes on YouTube with just around 15,000 likes.

This is just one of the signals that the mobile game’s reveal hasn’t worked as someone at Blizzard might have hoped.

Anyway, lead designer Wyatt Cheng isn’t really disappointed nor surprising, as he believes this is “totally understandable.”

He explained his reasoning on the matter in an interview with VG247.com this weekend at BlizzCon 2018.

“I think scepticism is very healthy.

I think intellectual curiosity is rooted in scepticism, but when we show people the game, and people get their hands on it, play it, many people who are sceptical kind of go ‘oh, well this is actually quite fun.’

(…) We hope to win over a lot of people over time, but I understand that, for people at home, people watching with the virtual ticket, who don’t get a chance to actually play it, that can be very difficult, and so I totally understand where they’d be coming from.”

Diablo Immortal is releasing in 2019 and there’s no plan to bring it on PC as we eagerly wait for more news about Diablo 4 to drop at some point next year.

Diablo Immortal Fan Backlash "Totally Understandable", Says Blizzard