Digimon Survive studio politely asks fans to not spoil the late-game story — for two months

Good luck with that.

Image via Bandai Namco

The development story of Digimon Survive has been a long one. After being delayed more than once, it’s finally due for release soon. Specifically, its release date is Thursday, July 28 in Japan and Friday, July 29 everywhere else. The imminent launch has led publisher Namco Bandai to address a different story — the game’s actual narrative.

On Twitter, the official Digimon Games account has asked those playing the game at launch “to avoid posting anything on social media that may spoil the story from Chapter 5 onward for the first two months after Digimon Survive’s release.” The game “tells a deeply personal story with many twists and turns,” which the team wants to “keep special” for all players.

In theory, this is fine: asking players to avoid spoilers for such a long-anticipated games makes sense. The two-month window, however, is a big ask. In today’s world, video games are streamed in their entirety on places like Twitch and YouTube from the moment they launch. While it’s fair of the Digimon games team to make this request, we can’t imagine it’ll be followed by and large.

The developers fully expect spoilers too. As such, the thread continues by asking anyone posting spoilers to keep them clearly marked. The hashtag #DigimonSurviveSpoilers is suggested, so don’t go exploring that topic if you want to keep the game’s plot intact for yourself.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen requests from game creators to avoid spoilers. Atlus published a very detailed list of requests when Persona 5 first launched in 2016. Now that Persona 5 Royal is headed to Xbox and Nintendo Switch after being out since 2019, those concerns have dropped off. Marvel movies often release with similar social media requests as well.

In any case, Digimon Survive will be out very soon, and it’ll be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Players will be able to see the story for themselves and engage with the game’s various systems, including a new conversation mechanic.