Dragon Ball Z might be coming to Fortnite, Capsule Corp item datamined

Goku with a gun.

Image via Shonen Jump

Crossovers are nothing new for Fortnite. The same goes for anime and manga characters joining the battle royale: Naruto characters finally made their way onto the roster after much anticipation. It looks like another Shonen Jump series is up next, and it happens to be the biggest one in the world. What appears to be a Dragon Ball Z item was datamined from the game’s files.

The discovery was first brought into the spotlight by @FortniteInfESP, a Twitter account dedicated to Fortnite news and leaks. “I found this in the [game] records,” the tweet reads. “Does anyone have any idea what it is?” Dragon Ball Z fans certainly do — that big letter C is the Capsule Corporation logo. Before Naruto content was added to the game, a Creative Mode coin was found in the same manner. All signs are pointing toward Dragon Ball Z crossing over with Fortnite, though we, of course, still need to wait for official confirmation from Epic Games.

It’s very easy to imagine what sort of Dragon Ball Z cosmetics could appear in Fortnite. Skins for heroes like Goku and Vegeta are easy picks, and Goku’s flying nimbus is a perfect choice for a glider. Fortnite has also held several events where players can go up against NPCs like Darth Vader and other minions. Dragon Ball Z’s Saibamen or evil android team would make for a fun invasion. In the meantime, Fortnite players can at least visit ibbyxlegend’s Dragon Ball World in Creative Mode. The custom island is “full of Dragon Ball music” according to the creator, and you can visit using code 1055-4995-0748.

The most recent Fortnite crossover is Indiana Jones. The new series of challenges will reward you with cosmetics like an Emergency Raft glider and Expedition back bling upon completion. There’s a pair of actual Indy skins too, of course.