EVE Online Goes Mobile with EVE Echoes, Now in Open Beta on iOS and Android


EVE Online, the online space simulator many have dedicated their lives to playing, has a brand new free to play a mobile game called EVE Echoes out today in open beta. You can download it right now for Android devices through the Google Play store and for iOS devices through the Apple Store.

The original developers for EVE Online are not directly working on the title. Instead, NetEase Games is working on EVE Echoes, the developers who are working on Diablo Immortal, and have done work on Knives Out, Westward Journey Online, and Rules of Survival.

Those who play the EVE Online version may notice a few differences. For example, the game takes place in an alternative universe, but several of the mechanics from the PC game have made their way to the mobile construct.

Players will find the same massive layers of menus and waiting time to reach destinations on their mobile devices, much like they would on the PC version.

If players plan to casually jump into the game on their way to work for their commute, they can expect to see their data being used for a good chunk of the journey while traveling from place to place. The need for a reliable internet may push away some players, especially those who have already dedicated a good chunk of their time to their PC.

Anyone new the game keen on jumping into it should download the game and go through the tutorial, even if they have a basic understanding of EVE Online for the PC. By going through the tutorial, players gain access to a modified ship and learn about the small changes made to the game, along with the icon locations for their precious menus.

EVE Echoes is out right now, but it’s an open beta. All players can expect a variety of hitches, in-game issues, bugs, and new updates to help improve the environment.