Fallout 1st subscribers dissatisfied with this month’s reward in Fallout 76

Players don’t think a filing cabinet is worth the fee.


Image via Bethesda

Fallout 76 players are kicking the new year off with a wave of disappointment. However, this time it’s because Fallout 1st subscribers are displeased with their free reward for the month, which has turned out to be an incredibly underwhelming filing cabinet.

Fallout 1st is the premium subscriber service for Fallout 76. In exchange for $12.99 per month, Fallout 76 players get a host of additional benefits in the game, including a handy survival tent, unlimited scrap box, access to custom worlds, and a selection of free items each month.

This month, players have logged on to find that their free reward is an open filing cabinet — an item they can display in their C.A.M.P. and even use to store items. However, this isn’t the first free filing cabinet Fallout 1st subscribers have been given and feels far from worth the subscription fee.

While the main benefits of Fallout 1st are found outside of the free item players are given each month, the player base still feels stung by this offering. As a result, some players are taking to Twitter to badger Bethesda into improving the items they’re given and broadcast the quality of the items they’re currently receiving to the general public.

Time will tell how the Fallout 76 publisher reacts to this situation, if at all. Regardless, fans agree that this isn’t the best start to the new year for the premium experience in Fallout 76.