Fans Adore This Kate Denson Halloween Cosplay From Dead by Daylight

One Dead by Daylight fan has stunned players with her incredible Halloween cosplay of the Kate Denson Cornfield Scarecrow outfit.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Every year, developer Behaviour Interactive adds new Halloween-themed cosmetics for players to collect in Dead by Daylight. This year, one cosplayer has dazzled fans by recreating one of the most iconic Halloween outfits the game has ever seen.

Fans love to create cosplays of their favorite characters from Dead by Daylight. From the large range of Killers to Survivors, there are some fantastic outfits to recreate alongside iconic in-game items that make for some of the most unique cosplays out there. Today, one cosplayer wowed the community with their rendition of what is not only a beloved Survivor skin but a Halloween-themed one, too.

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Fans Can’t Get Enough of This Kate Denson Cornfield Scarecrow Outfit Cosplay

Cosplayer Selene Panda today posted their phenomenal cosplay of the Cornfield Scarecrow outfit for Kate Denson in Dead by Daylight. The cosplay is perfect, featuring the right fabric, exact cuts for each item of clothing, and a hat that looks like it was pulled directly from the game.

The part that we think makes this outfit complete is the Medkit. It looks almost exactly like one another fan built for their cosplay and shared the creation of. The community feels exactly the same, with some people thinking it’s a realistic render of the Dead by Daylight outfit. “Insane scarecrow Kate cosplay at first glance, I thought this was a render.”

The responses to the post are all positive. It looks like the entire community has flocked to the replies to congratulate Selene Panda on her incredible work.

Another post on Panda’s Twitter account takes this cosplay to the next level. It shows her in the Kate Denson Cornfield Scarecrow outfit surrounded by sunflowers. To us, it feels very reminiscent of jumping into a Trial in Coldwind Farm and thinking the Killer is on the other side of the map, right before they pounce from the field and down us in a single hit as The Ghostface.

Selene Panda made the post just in time for Halloween. We haven’t seen anything in the current Haunted by Daylight cosmetic offerings that even comes close to being as good as this outfit for Kate Denson, so we expect to see it pop back up again next year unless anyone feels like taking their cosplay to the next level as the Naughty Bear Trapper skin.