Fans Are Excited For Upcoming PvP Updates In Destiny 2

With Season of the Wish right around the corner for Destiny 2, Bungie is making other things right in the Crucible, and fans are excited.

Destiny 2 PvP Deep Engagement Battle

Image via Bungie

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Wishes are definitely coming true, that is according to the PvP community in the popular multiplayer shooter Destiny 2. Season of the Wish is showcasing some promising updates that will even the playing field for the Crucible faithful.

Bungie has announced some much-needed updates that are being well-received by the Destiny 2 community. The feedback is something fans have been asking for since the beginning of last season, as the Crucible has seen some lopsided results since the introduction of Strand powers. This has had a negative effect on the other light powers, with Stasis users in particular feeling left out in the cold. With the addition of new maps and balancing headed to Destiny 2, things are looking more hopeful than before.

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More Content is Coming to The Crucible in Destiny 2

Today Joe Blackburn, who is the current game director for Destiny 2, released a video detailing the upcoming content that will make its way to Destiny 2 within the next year, starting with the release of Season of the Wish through the aftermath of The Final Shape. The biggest changes for most fans were the additions announced for the Crucible. One of those changes that has fans excited is the brand new maps that will enter the crucible rotation, as it has been some time since a new one had been added. Blackburn did mention some balancing changes as well, but those have yet to be detailed, as they are most likely waiting for the patch notes to get into the details.

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There were many replies to the tweet, as fans are excited about how the changes will work alongside the upcoming Fireteam Finder. Meanwhile, there is still some chatter about Destiny 2’s other PvP mode, Gambit, and how that mode in particular has seen less updates since its inception in Forsaken. Still, there’s plenty more to announce, as the team at Bungie has promised additional balancing and content with the next upcoming season. The season is set to be a long one, with Destiny 2: The Final Shape being postponed to June 2, 2024.