Final Fantasy 16 PC Port Confirmed (But Don’t Expect It For A While)

Final Fantasy XVI is coming to PC, but not until long after its PS5 release, and it certainly won’t see life on another platform this year.

Clive holding fire in FF16

Image Via Square Enix

The director of Final Fantasy 16 has confirmed that a PC port is coming, but fans shouldn’t expect it just yet, as development won’t begin until the game has launched on PlayStation 5. The circumstances surrounding FF16’s multi-platform release have been confusing since it was first announced, so we’re glad to get some confirmation at last.

When FF16 was revealed in 2020, the initial trailer mentioned a PC release. Not long after this announcement, director Naoki Yoshida started pulling back, telling fans the team was wholly focused on the PS5 version of the game. This led many to believe that this would be a similar situation to FF7 Remake, where Sony would have exclusivity for a certain period of time before the game would be allowed to have a PC port.

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A Final Fantasy XVI PC Port Is On The Way

image via Square Enix

Yoshida has finally given a concrete answer regarding FF16’s multi-platform status, but it might not be one that PC owners will want to hear. In an interview with Ascii (via Siliconera), Yoshida confirmed that a PC port of FF16 will exist, but work won’t begin on the game until the PS5 version launches on June 22. It was previously mentioned that FF16 would be a PS5 exclusive for six months, so PC players shouldn’t expect to see the game until 2024 at the earliest.

It’s not surprising to learn that the PC version of FF16 won’t be happening for a while. Square Enix has no problem with multi-platform releases for its lesser titles. However, a new mainline Final Fantasy is one of the biggest games the company can release. Sony has always played hardball when it comes to signing off on exclusivity deals. FF16 will be a huge console exclusive for the PS5 at a time when Microsoft’s last exclusive was the underwhelming Redfall, and it will draw many people to Sony’s new system.

There’s also the chance that Square Enix will extend the exclusivity, as was the case with FF7 Remake. Most had assumed that FF7 Remake’s exclusivity was only for six months, but it seemed that the Intergrade re-release allowed Sony to extend the arrangement, and PC players had to wait nearly a year and a half to play the game.

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It’s great to have confirmation regarding a multi-platform release for FF16, but it raises the question of the other consoles. The Xbox brand missed out on FF7 Remake, while the Nintendo Switch isn’t strong enough to run the game, barring a cloud-streaming release. This means that FF16 might be restricted to the PS5 and PC, at least for a long time, so the people who own the other systems will have to wait before they can experience Clive Rosfield’s epic adventure.