Final Fantasy XIV fans come together for High School-themed Twitter AU titled Dynamis Academia

A wholesome alternative to Hogwarts.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV fans are some of the most passionate gamers on the planet when it comes to creativity. From ugly glamour contests to decorating lavish nightclubs in the residential districts, these players never stop surprising everyone with some good wholesome fun. Now, certain members of the Final Fantasy XIV community are inviting everyone to get together over Twitter to participate in a community AU fanfic called Dynamis Academia.

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DynamisAU is now trending on Twitter as more and more fans take to the platform to join in on the fun. Dynamis Academia is an alternate reality virtual experience where players participate in a user-created story about an Eorzean High School called Dynamis Academy. The event is based on the Eorzean Academia manga and features a cast supported by players. Everyone is allowed to create their own characters and utilize the GPose feature in the game to add their own stories and presence to the Twitter feed.

Players are encouraged to visit the website for more information and check out the FAQ put together by the DynamisAU organizers. The story of Season One is already being told, but the cast plans to add new members to the main narrative and will continue the fun for the foreseeable future if there is enough interest.

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Final Fantasy XIV is at its best when it creates ways for fans to just interact with each other in stress-free scenarios, and the role-playing communities in the game are some of the most accepting and inventive storytellers in any MMO to date. Dynamis Academia is just another way for players to have fun and extend their love of Eorzea to the outside world.