Final Fantasy XIV’s animated trailer proves that this game needs a television anime

Netflix, here’s your chance.

Image via Final Fantasy XIV South Korea YouTube

South Korea goes hard when it comes to creating a Final Fantasy XIV advertising showcase. While many fans have thoroughly debated the success of the starter guide video campaign released over the summer, none can deny the spectacle of seeing the popular MMO in a detailed anime format. While there are currently no plans to bring Final Fantasy XIV to television, the recent South Korean animated trailer advertisement proves that this story is in desperate need of an anime series.

Final Fantasy XIV fans will go out of their way to tell you that the narrative in this game is beyond amazing. While it is obviously too broad for a movie format, an anime show would be the perfect way to give anime fans who do not play games a method to experience the story and well-written characters.

The Korean trailer details a lot of the best aspects of the game, including an epic showdown with Bahamut and several of the most popular jobs. Players have begun to notice small details, including the frog costume, Triple Triad, and certain characters going about their daily tasks. There is a focus on crafting and even some time spent at a residential neighborhood, though we question how this miqo’te won the housing lottery.

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This isn’t the first time South Korea has released an animated trailer to promote the game. Back in 2021, they featured an ad campaign with another great anime trailer. Fans were clamoring for a television show back then, and the existence of two teasers is now just toying with us. Here’s hoping the success of other game franchises, such as HBO’s The Last of US series, can pave the way for more risks. The complete story of Final Fantasy XIV is just dying to be adapted.