SuperData Feb 2018 Report – Fortnite Is More Successful Than PUBG


According to SuperData a leading provider of digital games and playable media market intelligence, Fortnite is more popular than PUBG. The game has the higher amount of concurrent players than PUBG. SuperData has released a report that claims Fortnite is bigger in terms of viewers and revenue.

SuperData Fortnite Report

During the last week of February, 14 million unique viewers on Twitch were watching Fortnite, compare to which around 8.7 Million were on PUBG side. Before February at the end of Jan, the figure was different. PUBG had 8.5 million unique viewers while Fortnite was lower on 6.1 million.

Coming to the revenue part according to SuperData, PUBG gathered $103 million in February while Fortnite reached a figure of $126 million. Both games features Battle Royale genre, the main source of income is usually the virtual currency that players use to purchase in-game items. PUBG is a paid game it cost $30 and later players can spend more on the virtual currency to get new items. Compared to that Fortnite Battle Royale Mode is free, so this makes it more popular among the gamers. Fortnite also has a paid version Save The World Mode that cost $40.

The free edition of Fortnite can possible a big reason why it is attracting more gamers. Having a free to play model and animated graphics, Fortnite looks more approachable than PUBG. But this does not means PUBG will fall down from the top list, both games are different and a direct comparison between their success is not easy to compute.