Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass skin leaks have already surfaced, and it allegedly includes an Attack on Titan character

Claims point to a possible crossover and a recolor of an incredibly rare character in the next season.

Image via Epic Games

After bringing additional content to its latest chapter in the last few months, Fortnite is finally on course to begin Chapter 4 Season 2 in less than two weeks. Although it is unclear what features and map changes it will hold, leakers have already taken it upon themselves to clue players into its potential Battle Pass cosmetics. If rumors are true, the battle royale’s pass is set to feature a recolor of a Season 5 skin and Attack on Titan‘s own Eren Yeager.

Just a day after Fortnite released its v23.50 update, proven leaker and dataminer ShiinaBR has claimed to discover three skins coming to its Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass. The first skin is said to already be in the game’s files, with its image displaying a reptilian humanoid that dawns a puffy red jacket and numerous pieces of jewelry. More striking, it appears yet another version of the beloved Drift is also included in the pass, a skin that was previously available in Season 5’s own Battle Pass along with five different customizable styles.

via ShiinaBR’s Twitter

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According to the leaker, the pass will seemingly continue the tradition of having a secret skin for Battle Pass owners, a cosmetic that has been known to be unlockable later on in a season. After the reveal, ShiinaBR and dataminer HYPEX both noted Attack on Titan protagonist Eren Yeager will be Chapter 4 Season 2’s secret skin, taking the place of this season’s Geralt of Rivia. For now, the character’s skin has yet to be shown, so players should still take this with a grain of salt. However, if this is accurate, this could mean other Attack on Titan items are on their way — especially as additional The Witcher cosmetics released upon Geralt’s skin debut.

Developer Epic Games has not announced a start date for Chapter 4 Season 2 quite yet, though various quest menus in the game do point to it launching on Friday, March 10. In the meantime, those in the battle royale can jump into the latest Cipher event before this date, which consists of quests that players need to decode in order to obtain the event’s five exclusive cosmetics.