Fortnite Fans Defend “Rare OG Skins” Returning to the Item Shop

OG Fortnite skins are popping up in the item shop, and a lot of players seems happy to see players get another chance to grab them.


Image via Epic

Fortnite’s OG season is underway, and with it, the item shop has begun to sell some classic skins from the game’s first seasons, giving new and veteran players a chance to nab some previously unobtainable skins.

While some players are unhappy about this inclusion, many defend the move and are happy to see players getting the skins they always wanted.

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Returning OG Skins Has Players Discussing Rarity and the FOMO That Comes with Exclusive Content

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Image via Epic

Over on the Fortnite Subreddit, players have taken to the platform to discuss the OG season’s approach to the store, which has seen loads of the OG skins return and, in some cases, be remixed and updated, but only for a limited time before rotating out to other skins.

Naturally, some of the skins that will be available are considered rare or particular favorites of the community, and it sparked a conversation about the sense of fear of missing out (FOMO) and player entitlement.

The post is filled with comments with various opinions, but some of the most prevalent are those saying that it’s great to see the skins returning for both new and veteran players. One comment details a player’s love for the Demogorgen skin, and they are happy that new players who are fans have a chance to get the skin, too. One response is the prime example, saying they only got into the show six months ago and are happy they could get the skin now.

Another was a bit more blunt about their feeling towards those complaining, saying people who are for FOMO are “very silly” and continuing, “If people getting something they wanted and having fun is a bad thing, maybe rethink gaming and getting some compassion rather than gatekeeping or defending FOMO.” There were plenty of other comments saying similar things, and the consensus seems to be that if more people can enjoy and get the skins they want after missing them before, then that’s great and should be celebrated, not diminished.

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The whole OG season will see skins rotate in and out of the item shop, so it is worth dipping in and seeing what is available; maybe the skins you missed will finally appear, and you can grab them!