Fortnite Leak Reveals LEGO Collab With In-Game Rewards

For all Lego and Fortnite fans, the collab of the century has just received an official release date, plus more; here’s what we know.

Image via Twitter

The rumored LEGO and Fortnite collab has all but been confirmed, thanks to the Fortnite OG Week 3 update. Here’s everything we were able to learn about this titanic crossover and its in-game rewards.

News of a LEGO and Fortnite collaboration has been making its way around the web for quite some time now since the discovery of “Project Juno.” There hasn’t been anything concrete, but fans all around the world have been preparing themselves for an inevitable announcement.

Today, we’ve finally received confirmation of the collaboration between the two entertainment giants via Twitter. It seems as though that’s not all that’s coming with the update, as it seems players will be getting some more in-game goodies as well.

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Official News Regarding LEGO X Fortnite

Today, notable Fortnite leaker and data miner HYPEX took to Twitter/X to officially announce the long-rumored collaboration between the LEGO franchise and the popular battle royale videogame Fortnite. According to his post, there seems to be a three-way collaboration between LEGO, Fortnite, and Rocket League going on around the same time. This is great news for fans of all three games, as there seems to be a reward attached to all of them. The release date is confirmed to be next month, December 7, at 9 AM EST.

Via X

In that same post, the release dates for the other collaborations were also mentioned. The update for the Rocket League x Fortnite collab comes a day later, on December 8, at 9 AM EST. The post also revealed the release date for the Fortnite Festival, which is set to be released on December 9 at 9 AM ET. For both of those collaborations, there will be in-game rewards coming as well.

The community excitement is through the roof as they put together dream scenarios and outfits for the upcoming update. Many are wondering what this collab will look like by the end, with no official screenshot being released to give players an idea of what it could be. Hopefully, Epic Games will release a sneak peek of what’s to come as we eagerly await the release date. In the meantime, there are some victory royales waiting to be collected.