Fastest Way To Unlock Free Runaway Racer Skin In Fortnite

Fortnite OG Season introduced the Runaway Racer Skin. It’s a free skin for players to claim, but it takes a lot of work to unlock.


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Players were pleasantly surprised when Epic Games added the Runaway Racer skin to Fortnite OG Season at no additional cost. The only caveat is that players need to work harder than they’ve ever worked in-game to unlock it.

The Runaway Racer Skin is a free Uncommon Skin added to Fortnite during its OG Season around the same time as the Time Breaker super Style skins. The skin is available to all players, regardless of whether they’ve purchased the Battle Pass or not. However, all players must also put in the same amount of work to unlock the skin, which not everyone will be able to do. This is one of the lengthiest requirements to unlock a skin we’ve ever seen, and we’ve been playing Fortnite for years.

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The Fastest Ways to Unlock the Free Runaway Racer Skin in Fortnite

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There are two methods that are the fastest ways to unlock the free Runaway Racer Skin in Fortnite. The first is to complete every quest available and play as much Fortnite as possible until players have progressed through 50 account levels. That’s the number of levels players have to earn to unlock everything for this skin.

Fortnite OG has three sets of weekly quests at the time of writing. There are also various other sets of quests, including account milestones and daily quests, that will update regularly and provide a huge hit of XP. This is how we’ve been pushing to unlock account levels so far and will be doing so throughout the rest of the season.

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The second fast way for players to unlock the free Runaway Racer Skin in Fortnite is to use an XP glitch map. We can’t share a code for one of these maps because they’re shut down by Epic Games almost as quickly as creators build them. However, players can find them if they search online or ask their favorite Fortnite creators for help.

XP glitch maps give players ridiculous amounts of XP for doing nothing. It’s the scummiest way to earn XP in the game, but it will help players unlock account levels and get closer to grabbing the free Runaway Racer Skin if they don’t have the time to earn levels legitimately.

All Runaway Racer Skin Styles and Accessories in Fortnite

In the table below, we’ve listed every Style and accessory players will unlock by the time they own the free Runaway Racer Skin in Fortnite. We’ve added the quest players must complete to unlock each item where it applies. Note that they’re all pretty similar and can be unlocked by putting more time into the game. All Styles will be unlocked as soon as the Runaway Racer Skin is added to a player’s Locker.

Fortnite Runaway Racer Skin Style/AccessoryQuest to Get it (If There is One)
Premiere Poms
Earn 5 Account Levels
Haute Hustle Wrap
Earn 20 Account Levels
Auto Clutch Back Bling
Earn 35 Account Levels
Runaway Racer Skin Default Style
Earn 50 Account Levels
Runaway Racer Skin No Hat Style
Earn 50 Account Levels
Runaway Racer Skin No Glasses Style
Earn 50 Account Levels
Runaway Racer Skin No Mask Style
Earn 50 Account Levels
Runaway Racer Skin All Off Style
Earn 50 Account Levels