Fortnite launches School of Llama, a web-based questline that rewards exclusive The Witcher cosmetics

Complete paths for a sword and music themed after the fantasy series.

Image via Epic Games

Alongside the release of the Geralt of Rivia skin, Fortnite has taken extra measures to ensure its crossover with The Witcher is a memorable one. The battle royale has now introduced a new set of weekly challenges known as School of Llama, and those who complete them will have a vast collection of cosmetics based on the fantasy series. Interestingly enough, the questline is far from any challenge offered in-game, as it is actually tied to a web-based experience.

The Fortnite School of Llama challenges will require much more than just logging into the title, as anyone interested will first need to sign up through its dedicated webpage. Developer Epic Games has revealed this webpage will act as a hub for how School of Llama participants receive their challenges. The page’s interactive map will display paths, and players must make it to the end of all of them by completing their respective quests. The objectives are also fairly easy, featuring basic tasks like catching fish and eliminating enemies.

via Fortnite’s Twitter

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After these paths have been traveled in full, exclusive rewards such as Witcher’s Silver Sword Pickaxe, Geralt of Rivia’s Lobby Track, as well as several Banner Icons and Emoticons will be granted to players in-game. Epic stated that participants can currently make progress in the questline’s first path, and others are set to debut every Tuesday until February 28. Players will then have until March 10 to finish every path and claim their goodies.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has certainly been no stranger to crossovers in recent weeks, aside from The Witcher. The launch of the title’s last update saw Dragon Ball‘s Gohan and Piccolo make their way into the battle royale as skins. Fortnite Creative even received a surprise crossover island, with alternative rock group Fall Out Boy debuting their own interactive concert inside the game last week.