Fortnite OG Fans Are Begging Epic Games For Chapter 1 Streamer Tournament

With Fortnite OG making its return to the franchise, some fans and streamers are asking for a big tournament to celebrate.

Fortnite OG skins

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite OG has been a sight for sore eyes for many nostalgic gamers looking to revisit the game’s humble beginnings. Apparently, it seems some of the OG fans are begging for a streamer tournament to celebrate the successful return of Chapter 1.

Fortnite OG made a triumphant revival a few weeks ago with over 44 million players jumping in over the course of the day – and this after five years of taking over the gaming world by storm. The battle royale has grown tremendously since then, and after many updates and collaborations, Epic Games has decided to return to its roots by releasing Chapter 1 once again. Fortnite OG fans and creator Jack “CouRage” Dunlop are making requests to have a streamer tournament exclusively comprised of OG streamers and players that enjoyed success during the game’s first year.

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Fortnite Fans Want OG Tournament

Today on X (formerly Twitter), Jack “CouRage” Dunlop made a post asking Fortnite developer Epic Games for a Fortnite OG Reunion tournament featuring past FCNS tournament participants. The American content creator and co-owner of 100 Thieves went on to clarify that the tournament would feature content creators from Chapter 1 and asked for a budget in order to make this idea a reality. Numerous other content creators, such as dk, GXR Queasy, and Kurt Benkert, responded with positive interest, while many others expressed praising opinions for the idea as well. “My time to shine,” said TimTheTatman in reply to the post.

Post via X

This hypothetical tournament would hopefully feature big creators and former participants from the original days of Fortnite, such as Ninja, Sypher, Nickmercs, Nickeh30, and Loserfruit as well. But as one user pointed out, the prize would most likely mean little to them, as they are quite wealthy already. Another user pointed out that perhaps donating the winnings of the Fortnite OG tournament to a charity would be a great idea. Whatever the solution would be, the idea would surely bring smiles to the faces of fans of the old days of Fortnite.