Fortnite OG Season Leak Reveals Stranger Things Crossover: Eleven Skin & Cosmetics

Stranger Things is returning to Fortnite with the OG Season, bringing a new skin to the fray, Eleven and a set of cosmetics.


Image via IMDB

A reliable Fortnite leaker has revealed images for a new Stranger Things skin coming to the game. While fans have already seen The Demogorgon and Jim Hopper, the Fortnite OG season will bring with it two skins for Eleven.

The Eleven skin leaks show two variations of the character in Fortnite. First is her outfit from Stranger Things Season 5, when she’s had a long time to learn about the world and separate herself from the lab she grew up in. The second is the outfit she’s known to have worn in the lab. This costume is mostly white and appears to come with a cap, which was used to measure her brain waves in the show.

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Stranger Things’ Eleven is One of the New Skins in Fortnite OG Season

The leak for Eleven’s Fortnite skins comes courtesy of well-known leaker HypeX on Twitter. They’ve shared two images with the skins and all associated cosmetics. While they’ve not confirmed if Eleven will be part of the Fortnite OG Battle Pass or not, the images look like the covers for in-game bundles.

If Eleven’s skins are bundles, they’ll most likely be sold in Fortnite’s store at a premium. Those replying in the comments to this post seem keen enough either way, stating that they’ll buy the bundle just to have Eleven on their roster.

Shiina, another leaker, posted earlier today about returning Stranger Things skins for the Demogorgon and Jim Hopper. Again, it’s unknown if these skins will be part of the Battle Pass or premium bundles, but we’re leaning toward the latter.

Tomorrow, the full trailer for Fortnite’s OG Season will go live, and we’ll be able to see if any of these characters are featured. If they are, they’ll come to the game in a few weeks, and players will likely need to complete a set of challenges to unlock them. In Eleven’s case, the boosted versions of her skins will almost certainly need to be unlocked by players once they’ve put in the work to get her base skin.

When it comes to Hopper and the Demogorgon, some fans have already replied with the skins in their collections. These were released when the interest for Stranger Things was at its peak, so there are many players out there who purchased the skins during this period. Eleven is brand new, though, and yet another reason the community is so excited for Fortnite OG Season.