Fortnite Players Lose Competitor’s Time Brella in Ranked Cup Trouble

Many Fortnite players were left unable to get the Competitor’s Time Brella because Ranked Cups were closed due to sever issues.

time umbrella gone missing in fortnite

Image via Shiina

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Fortnite players excitedly jumped into Ranked Cup matches yesterday as they attempted to earn enough points to unlock the coveted Competitor’s Time Brella. Unfortunately for them, server issues caused Epic Games to end Ranked Cups early and cancel any upcoming events.

Ranked Cups are short events in Fortnite where players dive into tough matches against the best competitors in the game. Epic Games runs multiple Ranked Cups each season, with some offering unique rewards. This week, players had a chance to earn the Competitor’s Time Brella, a Glider exclusive for Fortnite’s OG Season, but due to server issues, most Ranked Cups were canceled, and many fans didn’t even have a chance to try to get it.

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Fortnite Players Left Out in the Rain as Competitor’s Time Brella Was Snatched Away From Their Grasp

The Competitor’s Time Brella was meant to be available to all players who earned 75 Points in the Silver Ranked Cup on November 24, 2023. Everyone, ourselves included, was excited to try to get it because earning that many points isn’t too much of a challenge. However, due to undisclosed server issues, Epic Games ended the event midway for most and canceled the remaining Ranked Cups, so no one has a chance to earn this item.

While Ranked Cups will return with Fortnite V28.00, the damage for most of the community is done. We managed to get 38 Points but hoped to catch up with the following Silver Ranked Cup today. Now, as is the case for most players, the Competitor’s Time Brella is simply another exclusive we missed out on.

Mercifully, some players were able to grab the Competitor’s Time Brella in Fortnite before Epic Games pulled the plug. With the way Points are awarded, we suspect these players won two matches because there’s no way they could have gotten it otherwise.

In the post announcing the cancelation of future Ranked Cups, Epic Games has explained how it’ll address the issue of rewarding players with the Competitor’s Time Brella in the future. That hasn’t stopped most players from feeling let down, though. “Wow, I took time off to play this. No Brella either, huh.”

A few Glider collectors are hopeful that Epic Games will try to appease the Fortnite community by awarding everyone with the item. “Incoming Free Unreal Gliders!” It’s hard to quantify the disappointment felt in the thread following the announcement. At the very least, another chance to earn the Competitor’s Time Brella in a future Ranked Cup would make most players feel better.