Fortnite teasers confirm fan theory that The Rock voices The Foundation

Cornerstone of the story.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s The Foundation is the founder and leader of The Seven, a group that has been popping up in Fortnite’s narrative since the earliest days of the game. The goal of The Seven is to free the Zero Point and stop the loop that the island is trapped in, which makes them enemies of The Order.

The last major appearance from The Foundation was in Chapter 2 Season 6 when he appeared and helped Jonesy to contain the Zero Point. At the time, an interesting fan theory emerged that The Foundation was voice by The Rock. It was difficult to tell due to the effects-laden delivery, but it appears to have been confirmed with a recent teaser from the man himself.

In an Instagram post to his 281 million followers, The Rock uploaded a video where he did what he tends to do, talk about working out and the various products he thinks you might buy. When he opens the fridge to reveal some energy drinks, there is a Foundation helmet inside. You can also see a pistol that looks just like The Foundations elsewhere in the video.

This isn’t the first time the wrestler turned actor has hinted at his involvement with Fortnite, but it is certainly the most blatant, and it arrives just in time for the end of Chapter 2 and the change to Chapter 3, which feels like the perfect time for the Foundation to reappear.