Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha is getting an ICON Series skin

Winner’s circle.

Fortnite World Cup winner and all-around Fornite maestro Bugha is getting an ICON Series skin. According to the man himself, the skin will be added to the Item Shop on June 20. The skin will be part of a pack that features multiple styles, a golden cup featuring Bugha’s pug, some sharp-looking blades, and an emote.

The ICON Series is reserved for the biggest names in Fortnite or the largest collaborations that they can arrange. As such, Bugha certainly fits in as the winner of the Fortnite World Cup and the de facto best player of the game until Epic Games manages to organize another event.

Bugha won the Fornite World Cup in 2019, but this has been the only event of its kind due to the global pandemic. The World Cup is not expected to return until 2022 at the earliest. This puts Bugha in the interesting position of being the only solo World Cup winner in the game’s history.

At the moment, Epic Games has not announced how much the skin will cost, and we don’t know if different parts will be available outside the bundle, although this is usually the case. The skin will become available in the shop in just a few hours, so anybody who has been saving those V-Bucks is in luck.