Gears 5 Could Be Releasing In April 2019

 Gears 5 Could Be Releasing In April 2019

Gears 5 has been revealed at E3 2018 and has already been attached with a 2019 release window.

Anyway, we might have today a relevant clue about the exact month or at least the timeframe when it’s dropping to Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Insider Wario64 has discovered that a brand new book about the series, called Gears of War: Retrospective, is coming April 29, 2019.

Since these books usually come together with the game releases they’re inspired to, that could be an interesting hint about the possible launch date for The Coalition and Microsoft Studios third person shooter title.

“With its acclaimed gameplay, intense characters, and visceral action, the GEARS OF WAR franchise has helped define the modern shooter genre,” says the description of the book.

“GEARS OF WAR: RETROSPECTIVE is a visual showcase featuring artwork and imagery spanning the franchise’s history, including character and creature designs, cinematics, concept art, key visuals, 3D renders, and more.

Material is drawn from across the GEARS OF WAR franchise and features art from the series’ upcoming entry – GEARS 5.”

If this date is really something we can rely on, the announcement could be coming as soon as November 10’s X018, which is honestly sooner than we expected.

Gears 5 Could Be Releasing April 2019

Source: ComicBook