Gotham Knights is getting a four-player mode — but not for the main game

Bring the whole bat family.

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

WB Games Montreal has announced that Gotham Knights will be getting four-player co-op thanks to “Heroic Assault,” a new game mode coming in November. The news comes via the Gotham Knights official Twitter account and features a short trailer along with a link to the game’s FAQ section which provides a little more detail on this new mode.

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Heroic Assault is described as a four-player co-op experience that will be separate from the game’s campaign, and it takes place in an “arena-like environment” where players will have specific objectives to complete and enemies to defeat in order to advance across a total of 30 different floors. This mode will be a standalone addition to the game, meaning it will likely not factor into the main story of Gotham Knights. The new mode will arrive via a free update to all players on November 29.

From what we’ve been told so far, Heroic Assault sounds like a horde-based mode similar to the challenge made found in the Arkham games, and the added bonus of it being four-player co-op will likely be a win for fans, especially those disappointed that the main campaign only supports two-player co-op. Between now and the mode’s release date, we will likely see some gameplay and more details come out, and whether there will be any incentives to play this new mode such as new cosmetics. With the campaign co-op requiring PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold in order to play together, expect this mode to need it too.

With only a week left until its release, fans are eager to get their hands on this new entry to DC’s roster of games, and there is still time to get your preorders in before the game launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on October 21.