Does Gotham Knights support four-player co-op multiplayer?

Sorry to disappoint.

Gotham Knights

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

In early May, a PlayStation Store listing for Gotham Knights ignited rumors that the game would support co-op multiplayer for up to four players. Given the game features four main characters, and was previously confirmed to have co-op multiplayer, this rumored element of the game seemed to make a lot of sense. However, shortly after the listing went viral, WB Games confirmed that Gotham Knights would only support co-op multiplayer for up to two players.

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In a Q&A on the game’s site, WB stated that the game can either be played solo or with another player via the game’s two-player cooperative mode. A four-player option was not mentioned by the company, and the game’s PlayStation Store listing has since been updated to say a maximum of two players can play together at once, suggesting that the four-player option spotted earlier was listed in error.

Gotham Knights PSN Store listing. "Supports up to 2 online players with PS Plus."
Screenshot by DoubleXP

While only two players can team up at a time, you can play through the entire game in the co-op mode, confirmed WB Games. A gameplay showcase from early May demonstrated how co-op play would work. The showcase featured ex-Robins Nightwing and Red Hood working together to take down a group of criminals attempting to steal some sensitive data.

However, which friends you’ll be able to team up with will depend on if they own both a console and a copy of the game, as well as what console they’re playing the game on. The game will not feature local co-op, meaning you’ll have to play online to form your dynamic duo. Additionally, the game will not have crossplay, nor is the developer planning to implement crossplay support, meaning that you’ll need to find a friend who is playing on the same system as you in order to team up online.

Gotham Knights is set to launch on October 25. While it may have some things in common with the Batman: Arkham games, it is not in the Arkham universe. It follows Batfamily members Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Nightwing as they work to uncover a grand conspiracy plaguing Gotham in the wake of the death of Bruce Wayne/Batman.