Grounded will receive one of its biggest updates yet this October

It’s bigger than the Koi Pond update.

Screenshot by Gamepur via Xbox YouTube

Grounded’s official Twitter account teased a major update coming this October. Though it’s unclear exactly what the update will add to the Early Access title, Obsidian promises a content expansion larger than the massive Koi Pond update from November 2020.

The announcement was made in a self-aware, low-budget TikTok video posted on the game’s Twitter account, complete with text on notecards and questionably drawn insect cutouts. “The devs have been hard at work, so get ready for one of the biggest updates that’s coming out in…October!” Obsidian declared as confetti fluttered on screen. No further details were provided, so fans can expect to learn more in the coming weeks in the way of items, enemies, areas, and modes.

Released into Early Access on Steam and Game Preview on Xbox and Windows back in July 2020, Grounded has continued to expand its feature set as developer Obsidian regularly releases content updates for the backyard survival game. Xbox announced Update 0.10.0 aka the “Shroom & Doom” update back in June at its E3 2021 Showcase, and the update went live later that same month. Since then, Obsidian has remained relatively hushed about the next massive update on the horizon.

As for those wondering if the October update could be a 1.0 release, Obsidian put that rumor to bed in a reply to one commenter under the main post, noting that it still has plans for Grounded before a full release is announced.