Pro Fortnite Streamer H1ghSky1’s Twitch Account Suspended


As of June 5, professional Fortnite player H1ghSky1 has had his account suspended from Twitch. Neither Twitch nor H1ghSky1 has given any official reason for the suspension, but it is likely the result of details revealed through Tfue’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan.

In a report from Kotaku, last week Tfue, real name Turner Tenney, a professional Fortnite player and streamer sued FaZe Clan. Tfue’s lawsuit alleges that the contract between himself and the company is illegal and oppressive. In addition to these accusations, the streamer also names another player that FaZe Clan signed illegally.

In a report by Upcomer, the esports organization, the other player was signed too young. H1ghSky1 announced his signing via Twitter on March 22, 2019, a full month before his 12th birthday. On the same day, FaZe Clan released a video announcement of “the youngest FaZe Member ever recruited. “ According to the lawsuit and complaint from Tfue, FaZe pressured H1ghSky1 and his family to lie about his age, telling everyone he was 13 and legally able to sign.

Further reporting from Upcomer indicates that social media posts made by H1ghSky1’s parents in 2012 list him as five at the time and finds a birthday somewhere in April, making him 11 at the time of his signing.

Late June 4, H1ghSky1’s Twitch account was suspended. Another professional player and Fortnite competitor, H1ghSky1’s Twitch boasted nearly 500,000 followers. Twitch hasn’t given an official reason for his suspension. It is likely it is a result of his age. Twitch terms of service require their streamers to be at least 13 years of age.

As H1ghSky1 has previously competed in various Fortnite competitions and placed high enough to win large sums of money, it is unknown whether or not he will be allowed to keep his winnings.