Halo Infinite adding ranked doubles and new visor customization in next update

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Two spartans standing next to each other in Halo Infinite

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s next big update will enhance visor customization and reintroduce the fan-favorite doubles playlist featured in previous Halo games, 343 Industries announced on Friday via Halo Waypoint. The update, dubbed the August Drop Pod, will hit the game next week on August 9.

The update will enable players to equip any visor they’ve acquired on any helmet, regardless of the armor core in use. Mark VII helmets will also be a tad more customizable, as you’ll be able to use certain Mark VII attachments across all Mark VII helmets.

In addition, the update will finally add the highly-requested doubles playlists to the game, with both ranked and unranked variants scheduled to arrive next week. The developer advised it would keep tabs on the “health” of the new ranked playlist after its launch, and further teased that more ranked playlists could be added in the future, depending on the performance of existing ones.

For those looking to knock out some challenges, the update will also include a neat quality of life improvement: Being able to see challenges in-game. If you pause the game, you’ll now be able to see your active challenges while playing. 343 also advised that the update would lay some groundwork for adding a “region select” feature, but also reiterated that this feature isn’t quite ready to be rolled out yet.

In the nine months since Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launch, the game has seen a good deal of updates, including the addition of the semi-battle royale playlist Last Spartan Standing. The campaign has also seen its fair share of improvements, with a recent network test allowing players to try out the game’s co-op campaign and mission replay feature.