Halo Infinite should have Fiesta, Tactical Slayer, and Free-For-All playlists by the end of the year, says 343

A Social Slayer playlist is also in the works.

Image via Xbox

Today, Halo Infinite’s Community Manager John Junyszek tweeted that 343 Industries is hoping to add Fiesta, Tactical Slayer (SWAT), and Free-For-All playlists to the shooter before the end of 2021. He didn’t give a specific date but did mention it definitely won’t be before December 8.

Continuing the Twitter thread, Junyszek explained that the team’s aim with events is to try new modes before adding to playlists. As such, they will keep a close eye on them after adding Fiesta, Tactical Slayer, and Free-For-All and tweak them if necessary. He also mentioned that 343 Industries is working on adding a Social Slayer playlist with multiple variations within it. However, that won’t arrive until after the holiday season.

Since the multiplayer launched, Halo Infinite has been marred with a few issues. There have been complaints about cheating, slow Battle Pass progression, and limited customization options. 343 Industries is looking to address some of these problems, such as increasing daily XP rewards to speed up progression.

In the case of cheating, it has become such a widespread problem that Xbox players want the option to disable crossplay since many of these incidents occur on PC. The team is also looking to mitigate cheating by constantly improving the game’s existing anti-cheat systems.