How to evolve Eevee into Glaceon and Leafeon in Pokémon Go

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With the newest Pokémon GO update, players will finally be able to obtain the Sinnoh evolutions of the Evolution Pokémon, Eevee.

Both the Ice-type Glaceon and the Grass-type Leafeon are now available, but just like in the main series games, there are special circumstances players must meet for evolution to occur.

Since their introduction in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Eevee would only evolve into Glaceon when trained in an area that contained an Icy Rock, and likewise, Leafeon could only be obtained where a Mossy Rock was present. That limited the location and timeframe for players to claim the sixth and seventh Eeveeloution respectively.

In the latest update, Niantic introduced three new types of Lure Modules, items that help trainers by attracting Pokémon to any PokeStops that they are placed onto. These new models, Glacial Lures, Mossy Lures, and Magnetic Lures can be purchased in the in-game shop right now but will become rewards for completing Special Research tasks in the future.

If a trainer wants to evolve their Eevee into Glaceon or Leafeon, all they have to do is find a PokeStop that does not have an active lure placed inside. Then the player needs to activate their own Glacial Lure or Mossy Lure before selecting the Eevee they wish to evolve.

Once the lure is placed and the trainer has their selected Eevee, all they need to do is hit the evolve option. This will then take the player to the evolution screen, where the selected Eevee will evolve into either Glaceon or Leafeon depending on which type of lure was placed inside.

The lure does not have to be your own either if a Glacial or Mossy Lure is already in place trainers can still evolve their Pokémon.

The silhouette of the Pokémon you are evolving to should appear with the specific lure visible next to it. If the silhouette does not appear, do not attempt the evolution, it will not work and will instead act like a normal evolution.

Magnetic Lures will not affect Eevee and players should make sure they have the required 25 Eevee Candy to evolve their Pokémon.

There is also a second way to obtain both of the new evolutions too. Like with the original three Eeveeloutions, players can use a nickname to bypass the need for a special lure. If a player nicknames their Eevee Rea, it will become Glaceon and if they instead name it Linnea, it will become Leafeon.

This trick will only work once, so if you want more than one of each Pokémon you will need to get one of the special lures and evolve your Eevee that way.

As of now, there is no known way to capture either Glaceon or Leafeon in the wild, but like many evolutions that require special circumstances or items, it is likely both will be added as Raid bosses at a later date.