Is Fortnite Shutting Down? Is there any Truth to the Rumor?

 Is Fortnite Shutting Down? Is there any Truth to the Rumor?

Some gamers may have woken up to some seemingly scary news this morning that Fortnite Battle Royale will be shutting down on September 26. If this news strikes you as odd and your nonsense-detector went off, congratulations, your gut feeling was correct. It would be crazy to think that Epic Games would be shutting down the money-making machine that is Fortnite, but let’s look at what caused this rumor in the first place.

Fortnite Shutting Down Rumor

Is Fortnite Shutting Down? Is there any Truth to the Rumor?
Fake Tweet • Fair Use

The image above made the rounds earlier today, and as you can see, it looks legitimate. However, a picture of a tweet is generally just an image and not the actual tweet for a good reason. The image has been faked to be made to look like an actual tweet from the official Fortnite account, but a closer look at the Fortnite Twitter timeline reveals that no such tweet exists.

Somebody thought it would be clever to design a realistic-looking tweet that makes it appear as if Epic Games is shutting down its most successful game ever. Hopefully, not many people were fooled, but there are always some. This also isn’t the first time that such a fake tweet has appeared online.

In April of this year, during the height of the legal battle between Epic Games and its competitor PUBG, a tweet with the following message appeared on social media.

Due to a law suit against PubG on copyright infringement. We are sorry to inform you that Fortnite Battle Royale Will be coming to an end May 20 2018. Save the world will still be in development and we will roll out ASAP. Thank you all for the support.

That tweet was also fake, and the impact of it was so significant at the time that Snopes, the online service specializing in debunking odd claims and urban legends, analyzed it and deemed it to be untrue.

So fear not, fellow Fortnite players, your favorite Battle Royale game isn’t going anywhere. In fact, Season 6 is just around the corner as we hit the final week of Season 5 today. If you’re trying to get the most out of your Battle Pass, have a look at the Season 5 Week 10 Challenges cheat sheet we posted earlier today.