Kristoff will be working overtime to supply unlimited coal in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next update

The Pumpkin Puffs must flow.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Developers of the charming life sim Disney Dreamlight Valley have announced a very welcome change that will be coming in the game’s third major update on February 16: the return of unlimited coal. Developers at Gameloft have been extremely responsive to feedback from the community and complaints about the difficulty players have when collecting certain items have, thankfully, not gone unnoticed. 

In a previous patch, a notable change was made to Kristoff’s Stall imposing a limit on the quantity of each item that could be purchased on a given day. This made keeping a regular supply of coal to cook the game’s plethora of recipes incredibly difficult for most players, especially those with not a lot of time to play. 

In addition to the mere five pieces that were available at random from Kristoff’s Stall, coal is currently available only from mining. While mining isn’t too difficult, especially since the veins respawn rather fast, coal shares a drop with every other item from a mineral vein, meaning you aren’t guaranteed to receive coal when gathering. Coal is required for every cooking recipe and numerous crafting recipes, so when you’re cooking up multiple recipes each day to serve at Remy’s Restaurant or gifting characters their favorite dishes, you’ll find that it runs out really fast.

In the coming update, players will again be able to purchase an unlimited amount of coal by setting up Kristoff’s Stall, unlocked through completing his friendship questline and paying a small amount of gold. Previously, coal could be purchased for just 5 Gold a piece and the developers have not mentioned if there will be an increase to this price with the removal of its limitation. You can unlock Kristoff’s Stall by finishing all of his friendship quests. We’re looking forward to getting things cookin’ again.