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All Kristoff Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and how to complete them

Kristoff needs a lot of help.

One of the many characters that you will eventually unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Kristoff. You may recognize him from the Frozen movies. In Dreamlight Valley, he can be found in the Forest of Valor. Once you meet him, Kristoff will immediately start giving you quests, and there is plenty to go through. Here are all of Kristoff’s quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley and how to complete them.

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How to complete Lost in the Dark Grove

The first quest that Kristoff will give you is called “Lost in the Dark Grove.” When you meet Kristoff, he will tell you about how Donald Duck ran into the dark portal and request that you go in to retrieve him. After heading into the dark portal, you will be transported to the Dark Grove. Grab the plant and Donald’s Feather from this area before returning. Talk to Kristoff about what you found:

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After talking to Kristoff, you will need to find Merlin. Merlin will give you a list of items to obtain so that you can make an enchantment that will lead you to Donald. You will need the following items:

  • Donald’s Feather
  • Dark Grove Plant
  • 2 Emeralds
  • 4 Dream Shards

You should already have the first two ingredients on the list. The Emeralds can be found in the Forest of Valor and the Dream Shards can be obtained by destroying Night Thorns and digging in sparkling areas. After obtaining the items, return to Merlin and he will craft the enchantment.

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Head back to the Dark Grove and follow the enchanted feather to where Donald is located. Speak to Donald and he will return to the valley with you. This will conclude the quest.

How to complete Leaving the Woods Behind

Kristoff’s second quest is called Leaving the Woods Behind. During this quest, he will task you with creating some Soap since he hasn’t bathed in a very long time. To start things off, head to Kristoff’s old campfire in the Forest of Valor. His campfire can be found near the staircase leading to the Frosted Heights. Interact with it to obtain the Burned Logs. Take the Burned Logs to a crafting station to make Ashes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Take the Ashes to a cooking station and boil them to turn them into Lye. After creating the Lye, take it to Kristoff and he will ask you to talk to Maui to get inspiration for a scent for the Soap. Talk to Maui and he will tell you to get Coconuts. Meanwhile, Kristoff will also request Carrots. You can get the Coconuts from Dazzle Beach and Carrot Seeds from the Peaceful Meadow.

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After obtaining the 20 Carrots and 12 Coconuts, return to Kristoff and show him the items you have obtained. He will give you the Lye back and ask you to craft the Soap. Go to a crafting station and use the Carrots, Lye, and Coconuts to craft Carrot Soap. Give the Carrot Soap to Kristoff to complete the quest.

How to complete Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall

During this quest, Kristoff will get the idea that he wants to sell items at his own stall as Goofy does. After getting the quest, go over to Goofy and talk to him about the idea. After talking to Goofy, he will give you a list of materials needed to craft a stall. You will need the following items:

  • 50 Softwood
  • 50 Stone
  • 35 Hardwood
  • 10 Iron Ingot
Screenshot by Gamepur

These materials aren’t difficult to find and can be gathered pretty quickly. Softwood is found around the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow. You can also find Softwood in the Forest of Valor. Stone is easily gathered from Rock Spots in any biome as well as from larger stones. Hardwood can be found in both the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. Finally, Iron Ingot is created from Iron Ore which can be mined from Rock Spots in any of the biomes except for the Plaza, Peaceful Valley, and Dazzle Beach.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

After gathering the materials, return to Kristoff. He will ask you to build him a stall with the items you gathered. Go to a crafting station and craft Kristoff’s Stall. Once you have it crafted, place it wherever you want in the valley and talk to Kristoff. This will complete the quest.

How to complete A Broken Sled

Kristoff’s next quest is called A Broken Sled and it unlocks when you max out his Friendship Level. Kristoff will tell you that his sled got stuck in the snow and that he needs your help to get it out. Start off the quest by following him to where his sled is located. When you reach his sled, use your pickaxe to free it from the ice.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Pick up the sled and give it to Kristoff. He will ask you to retrieve a book from his house called “Ice-cident: How to Fix Your Sled.” Head to Kristoff’s house and grab the book. It can be found in the library portion of his home. After picking up the book, you will get a list of materials to obtain. You will need to get the following items:

  • 50 Fiber
  • 30 Hardwood
  • 10 Iron Ingot
  • 9 Tinkering Parts
Screenshot by Gamepur

Fiber can be crafted from Seaweed at a crafting station. Hardwood is found in all of the biomes besides the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, and Dazzle Beach. Iron Ingot is crafted from Iron Ore which is obtained from mining Rock Spots in the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor. Finally, Tinkering Parts are made from Iron Ingots at a crafting station. Once you have the materials, go to a crafting station and repair Kristoff’s Sled. Bring the sled to Kristoff and he will ask for samples of various materials.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You will need to get samples of the following materials:

  • Fiber
  • Brick
  • Glass
  • Iron Ingots

You will only need to get one of each of the materials. Fiber is crafted from Seaweed, Bricks are made from Clay, Glass is made from Sand, and Iron Ingots are made from Iron Ore. You can craft all of the materials at a crafting station. After giving a sample of each of the materials to Kristoff the quest will be complete.

How to complete Frozen Memories

The Frozen Memories quest focuses on Kristoff’s lost memories of Anna. Perhaps Elsa can help since she was involved in some of the same memories. Begin the quest by going to speak with Elsa. Elsa is more than happy to help with an enchantment that might bring back Kristoff’s memories, but you need to grab a couple of items.

  • 6 Aquamarines
  • 3 Swamp Water
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Swamp Water can be found in the Glade of Trust. Along the river edges, you will see sparkling areas that you can interact with to gather the water. As for the Aquamarines, they can be collected by mining Rock Spots in the Forest of Valor and Dazzle Beach. Make sure to bring a resident assigned to the mining role to help make the process go quicker. After collecting the items, bring them to Elsa.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

It turns out that the spell doesn’t work and you will need a piece of Anna’s hair. Go talk to Anna and she will happily give you a lock of her hair. Bring the hair back to Anna and you will get a Magic Ice Block in return. Open the furniture menu and place the ice block in the valley. Walk up to it and hit it with your pickaxe to break it and get the memory that’s inside. Talk to Kristoff afterward to complete the quest.

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