How to get coal in Disney Dreamlight Valley – Best coal farming locations

Keep things cookin’ in the valley with a steady stockpile of coal.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a relaxing simulation experience where you can farm, decorate, dress-up, or just hang out with some of your favorite Disney characters. It’s all a very magically relaxing experience… until you run out of a resource needed to complete a current quest or craft a necessary item, that is. Coal is required not only for Cooking any of the game’s recipes but also used to craft many Refined Materials, including various Ingots necessary to craft fences, furniture, paving, and other functional items. That means you’re going to need a lot of it. Below we have detailed the best ways to get your hands on Coal Ore in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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Buying coal from Kristoff’s Stall and supporting a small business

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The best and easiest way to get Coal Ore in Dreamlight Valley is to simply buy it directly from Kristoff’s Stall. Upon reaching Friendship Rank 6 with Frozen’s loveable mountain man Kristoff, the quest “Village Project: A Mountain Man’s Stall” will become available. Complete this quest line and Kristoff will open a marketplace stall in the Valley and sell a randomly selected variety of gatherable and crafted materials. He’ll always sell Coal Ore, however, and you can purchase an unlimited quantity of Coal from his Stall for just 5 coins a piece, making it the most practical way to accumulate all the Coal you could ever need. Previously, there was a limit to the amount of Coal Ore he would sell, but in the A Festival of Friendship update, Dreamlight Valley’s developers reverted this change and unlimited coal is now available for purchase. Where exactly is Kristoff getting all that Coal?

The best places to farm Coal Ore in Dreamlight Valley

If you’d prefer to farm Coal Ore yourself, whether for an additional layer of difficulty or just because you love to mine, it is just as easily gathered as any other resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Simply run around the valley collecting minerals from the veins located in every zone and you’ll definitely end up with a decent amount.

While Coal Ore, along with Stone and Onyx, can drop from mineral nodes in every biome in the valley, there are three specific biomes we recommend focusing on when farming Coal Ore in Dreamlight Valley: the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, and Dazzle Beach.

Mineral veins in these three biomes have only four additional items drops, making these early biomes the best places to farm Coal Ore. Here are all possible mining drops along with the locations of the mineral nodes in each of these biomes:

Mining in the Plaza

Possible drops: Garnet, Shiny Garnet, Topaz, Shiny Topaz, Coal Ore, Stone, Onyx

Mineral node locations:

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Mining in the Peaceful Meadow

Possible drops: Garnet, Shiny Garnet, Peridot, Shiny Peridot, Coal Ore, Stone, Onyx

Mineral node locations:

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Mining on Dazzle Beach

Possible drops: Aquamarine, Shiny Aquamarine, Peridot, Shiny Peridot, Coal Ore, Stone, Onyx

Mineral node locations:

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Mineral veins in later biomes, such as the Glade of Trust or Frosted Heights, have additional items on their drop tables like Iron Ore, Gold Nuggets, and Crystals. While still necessary to gather for many quests and recipes, these drops get in the way when you’re focusing on Coal Ore. Therefore, you’ll want to stick to these recommended biomes to maximize your chances of getting Coal Ore. Of course, there are ways to get even more Coal while you adventure.

Getting bonus Coal Ore with the help of your Disney companions

When your friendship bond with a valley resident reaches level 2, you’ll unlock the ability to assign them a role. Roles include Digging, Fishing, Foraging, Gardening, or Mining, and can be changed through use of a training manual. No character is better at a specific role than someone else, so don’t worry about leveling a particular character for this.

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You can now choose to hang out with that character and, while doing so, your companion can loot an additional item when you gather with their selected role. The chance of your companion awarding this bonus item drop increases with friendship, be sure to complete any quests and give daily gifts to your mining companion.

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The bonus item gathered by your Mining companion will always be an additional piece of whatever the last item was that you mined. You cannot control which item you’ll obtain last, but if you’re mining in one of the three recommended biomes, you have the best chance of that final item being a piece of Coal Ore.