Latest League of Legends spin-off Mageseeker to star Demacian rebel Sylas in a Hades-like action RPG

Play as a revolutionary.

Image via Riot Games

Over the past few years, Riot Games has been making a push to expand the League of Legends brand into new genres and media, including things like the shooter Valorant and the Netflix series Arcane. Now, the team has introduced a new spin-off title called Mageseeker, which combines the world of Runeterra with the gameplay style of Hades to create something never before seen with League of Legends. Mageseeker is described as a gritty action RPG with 2D, pixel graphics that stars Sylas, the revolutionary from Demacia.

A League of Legends spin-off featuring Sylas has been rumored for a while now within the League fan community. The announcement trailer for Mageseeker showed-off brief footage of the new game, highlighting the title’s pixel artwork and high-pace action. The Mageseeker announcement trailer also showed footage of League of Legends’ two spin-off titles: Song of Nunu, starring Nunu and his beastly companion Willump, and Convergence, featuring the time-traveling kid name Ekko. All three titles are published by Riot Forge, a smaller studio owned and operated by Riot Games, with Mageseeker specifically developed by Digital Sun studios.

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Whereas Nunu and Ekko are protagonists and heroes within the main League of Legends storyline, Sylas is often portrayed as an antagonistic figure within the canon of Runeterra. He is in direct opposition to the Demacia army and royal line and has fought against heroic champions like Lux and Garen. He once aided an order called the Mageseekers, whose goal was to locate and contain any magic within Demacia. He soon went against the order and was imprisoned, but he eventually escaped and began his rebellion. Given the title of Silas’ spin-off game, Mageseeker will most likely focus on the time before Silas’ fall from grace and during his time with the order.

The Ruined King was the first major spin-off title released by Riot Forge and received positive reviews, and was followed by the Hextech Mayhem mobile title. Other attempts to expand the Legends brand is branching out to media outside gaming, like the previously mentioned, critically acclaimed Arcane series on Netflix. Song of Nunu is set to release in the fall of 2023, while Convergence will launch in the summer.