Latios Coming Back to Pokemon Go for a Special Raid Week

Pokemon Go Mewtwo

Latios is returning to Pokémon Go Raids for a week. Latias and Latios are a pair of dragon siblings within the world of Pokémon. Latias is a female and is colored red, while Latios is a boy and is colored blue. They are Legendary dragon and psychic types, capable of using a variety of different moves from both typings.

Latias and Latios are fairly popular Legendary Pokémon; both were first introduced in the Pokémon Heroes film. In the games, they first appeared in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.

Last month, Latias was made available again in Pokémon Go Raids for a full week. Players who took part in raids were able to capture the dragon, with a possibility of gaining a shiny version of Latias.

Pokémon Go is doing the same thing this month, but this time with Latias’ brother Latios. Raids featuring Latios will be made available for a full week, starting on April 15 at 4 P.M. Eastern Time, and ending on April 22 at 4 P.M. ET. There is a possibility, like Latias last month, for shiny Latios to appear.

Best Pokémon to face against Latios with are other dragon types, along with ghost, dark, fairy, and bug Pokémon.

Be prepared to capture Latios in special raid week for Pokémon Go, starting on April 15.