Loop Hero takes one more trip around the loop on Nintendo Switch

Loop Hero is out to conquer another platform.

Image via Devolver Digital

Loop Hero was the surprise hit of the PC space in early 2021. The game came out with limited pre-release fanfare to take the world by storm for a few weeks. Its combination of idle-like gameplay, deckbuilding, and timeless art made it an instant indie darling. Today, the team at Four Quarters announced that it’s looking to jump onto a new platform and boost its numbers in a major way.

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At today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase, fans were treated with the announcement that Loop Hero is coming to the Switch sometime in 2021. The Showcase didn’t give a firm release date, but Nintendo fans shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.

Players who haven’t enjoyed the game on PC yet should expect something that feels like a brand new genre. As mentioned, Loop Hero takes cues from games like Slay the Spire and Monster Train, while also taking some gameplay ideas from modern idle games. It’s more involved than something like Cookie Clicker, but it still takes away direct player control, forcing you to play in a completely different way.

And, after the latest update, Loop Hero seems primed to dominate the Switch sales chart when it launches. The game shipped without the ability to save in the middle of a run, which would’ve hurt it quite a bit on Nintendo’s platform. However, the June 15 update added a save on the go feature, among other things, which is a huge quality-of-life feature for the PC and is a must-have for Switch players. Now, we’re just waiting for Four Quarters to give an actual date.