What is the release date for Loop Hero on Nintendo Switch?

It’s almost time to get loopy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We already knew that indie hit Loop Hero was coming to Nintendo Switch, but its release date was an ambiguous “sometime in 2021.” Now, we have specific information.

Loop Hero’s Switch release date is Thursday, December 9, and pre-orders on the eShop are open now. Interestingly, that’s the same day as The Game Awards, and Loop Hero is up for Best Indie. We consider it to be a surprisingly positive mental health allegory, so the nomination is certainly deserved. Voting for the Game Awards is open now, so if you played Loop Hero’s original PC release and want to give it a nod, go right ahead.

If you played the original, then you also know that the game seems tailor-made Switch. Loop Hero’s main gameplay involves placing tiles on a map, which seems perfect for the console’s touch screen. Plus it’s a roguelike, so the Switch’s portability means you can do a quick run wherever you are.

If you haven’t played Loop Hero and plan to pick this new version up, you might need a few pointers. We’ve got build guides for the game’s three classes: Warrior, Rogue, and Necromancer. You may also need a breakdown of all the pick-me-ups you’ll find during your loop, so check out our list of all resources and how to get them for more information.