Lost Ark gameplay introduction video brings Western gamers up to speed before launch

Arkesia awaits.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark has been played in South Korea for a few years now, but the Western world can finally enter the world of Arkesia next month. Even better, they can do so without spending any money, since the MMO is free to play.

Ahead of the launch, a new gameplay introduction video has been released to bring newcomers up to speed. The five-minute showcase covers a lot of ground, starting with character creation and the game’s five classes: Assassin, Gunner, Mage, Martial Artist, and Warrior. They specialize in roles like support and DPS and can further develop into more advanced classes that branch off from the base five. Combat abilities can be upgraded three times, adding perks like extra damage and range, for more fine-tuning of your character.

Standard MMO fare like questing, dungeon-delving, and crafting is also featured in the video, but Lost Ark has some standout features beyond those. Sailing is a big part of the game, letting you customize your ship and crew as you sail between islands — you can build up your own island fortress too. The game also features Chaos Dungeons, which are horde mode-like arenas full of “endless waves of enemies.” If you’d rather take on your fellow adventurers, you can do so in three-on-three PvP battles.

There’s a ton of content to dig into with Lost Ark, unfortunately, any progress from last year’s closed beta will not carry over into the full game next month. Still, if you’re interested in returning to the game, we can give you refreshers on how to get your first mount and claim your daily login bonus. This being an MMO, we’ll also show you how to play with your friends. Lost Ark hits PCs in the West on February 11.